SNA Professional offers a wide range of professional acrylic nail supplies to nail and beauty salons across the country. Our acrylic nail supplies include powders, dips, liquids and collections to serve the needs of nail technicians with a variety of skill levels and experience.

We offer sample acrylic nail kits that allow you to sample acrylic nail products and powders before buying full-sized pots.

We supply the best acrylic nail products, including acrylic powder and dip powders, that will allow you to be as bold with colour as your customer desires. You will be able to tailor stunning nails to your client’s individuality and create virtually any look. We offer colour blend, glitter and matte acrylic powder for even the most adventurous customer.


Our acrylic nail liquid range is perfect for nail technicians. You can order in bulk or individually, making it easy for salons of all sizes to be cost-effective. Your order of products for acrylic nails can consist of large quantities of the products you use most and a selection of lesser-used products that will catch the eye and invigorate inspiration.

SNA Professional also sells acrylic nail systems with patented technology for creating nail enhancements, with superior control, strength, workability and durability. Our nail systems include Astonishing Acrylic and Nail Perfect Acrylic.

We are the company that offers acrylic nail supplies UK nail salons can trust. We have a reputation for supplying the best products and support for those experienced at all cosmetics levels. If you need further assistance or advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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