What are acrylic dip powders?

This innovative system consists of a super fine acrylic powder that contains no harsh chemicals and is applied straight onto natural nails in a solid colour. They are available in natural shades or we also have an array of colours for a quick and easy manicure.

Why choose acrylic dip powders?

Dip powders are easier and faster to apply than standard acrylic nails as there is no need for a UV lamp to cure the nails once the powder has been applied. If well looked after, a dip powder manicure can last up to 4 weeks and they can allow the client’s natural nails to grow at the same time. The risk of nail bed injuries and fungal infections are greatly reduced as the results are not as thick as normal acrylics. Long term use of UV lamps can cause skin damage, which is avoided with the use of acrylic dip powders which dry once the sealant has been exposed to the air. Your clients will love their manicures that when looked after, will not chip or discolour and will last for weeks. This style of manicure also dries extremely quickly which means there’s no risk of smudging or getting fibres stuck to it like with normal polish. 

SNA Professional offer everything you need including a wide range of coloured acrylic dip powders in solid colours or glitter, along with the activator, base and top coat/sealant. We also offer starter kits which include everything you need to start creating stunning dip powder manicures on your clients which they will enjoy for weeks.

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