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Powder Makeover Nude 25G

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Powder Makeover Nude 25G

The NailPerfect Powders offer strength and durability in combination with NailPerfect Liquid. They provide maximium flexibility with no lifting, cracking or bubbles.


The NailPerfect Powders are available in 7 fantastic


colors - 5 essential basic colors (Clear, Natural, Soft White, Mega White and Blush) and 2 nail bed elongation colors (Makeover Peach and Makeover Pink). These powders are of the highest quality and color consistency, ensuring that colors are as beautiful at the beginning of the service as they will be at the next service.



  • Ultimate strength and durability
  • Highest quality and color consistency
  • Superior control and expert workability
  • No lifting and bubbles
  • No yellowing
  • Superior adhesion
  • Excellent wear
  • Durability
  • Guaranteed total natural look
  • Easy to apply – suitable for natural nail overlays, refills and extensions on tip or forms
    Perfect protection for clients with thin natural nails as a protective layer


Combine NailPerfect Acrylic Powders with NailPerfect Acrylic Liquid to create beautiful strong nails. Application time may vary depending on climate conditions. Extremely hot weather may cause the product to setup faster, or extremely cold weather conditions may cause the product to set up slower. Use 11⁄2 parts liquid and 1 part powder ratio. You can slightly adjust your Monomer-Polymer ratio to the climate conditions; understand you will not sacrifice any strength or durability in the nail because of the plasticizers.


Consult the step by step instructions for further usage information.

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